RED SNOW - When the Climate Bleeds Welcome to openingthe 9th. of Marts 2016, with music by Kristian Blak.Nordic House in Torshavn, Faroe Iceland den 9.3. - 12.4. 2016.

Bente Elisabeth is curator for RED SNOW, an exhibition with a group of artists and scientists who want to engage with people in the Nordic countries on the consequences of climate change: How are we affected by changes in the natural environment? Why is it changing? How will we adjust to these changes? RED SNOW wants to examine these issues through different means like science, art, music and traditional myth to explore their impact on the people and communities of the north.
The project is supported by Nordic Culture Point,Nordic Culture Fund, Government of Greenland,Sermerq fund, Nuna fund, Royal Arctic Line,  Muggur. Katuaq, Nuuk, Nordatlantens Brygge,Nordic House, Iceland og Nordic House, Faroe Iceland. See RED SNOW - ICE IN MOTION

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