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Red Snow


A project with art and science, initiated and lead by artist, curator, HD/A Bente Elisabeth Endresen.
The project offers a kaleidoscopic look at the climate and natural changes happening in the Nordic countries, as seen through the eyes of artists, philosophers and researchers. It concerns us all.
What is happening to Mother Earth with the changes in nature and the Climate? We must gather and face the new reality we are causing. And create a vision for the future
– and act on it.
We owe it to the Earth, to ourselves, and to future generations. Let us enjoy life – knowing that we have done our share to make the Earth a better place to live.

Through all my life I have been fascinated by Nature and by how Climate influence our life on Earth. My concern about nature and climate change made me to gather a group of artists and scientists, all expressing concern about the climate changes we observe and how it affects nature and humans. Our aim was to inform about changes that can be observed, and also compare fluctuations with last Ice Age. The focus was the Arctic region, where climate changes are so visible.

See a video from the project: RED SNOW – when the climate bleeds.

This are paintings that has been shown in exhibitions under the theme Climate Change in Denmark, Greenland, on Iceland and in Faroe Islands.

Project RED SNOW – ICE IN MOTION. RED SNOW – ICE IN MOTION sends a big thank you to sponsors, partners and exhibition places for their support to this project: