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Tag: Bente

december 6, 2020 / / 17 Pathways


(The project is soon to be presented in an international book about climate change, and cooperation between science and art. Can´t wait. More info coming.)

A project with art and science, initiated and lead by artist, curator, HD/A Bente Elisabeth Endresen.
The project offers a kaleidoscopic look at the climate and natural changes happening in the Nordic countries, as seen through the eyes of artists, philosophers and researchers. It concerns us all.
What is happening to Mother Earth with the changes in nature and the Climate? We must gather and face the new reality we are causing. And create a vision for the future
– and act on it.
We owe it to the Earth, to ourselves, and to future generations. Let us enjoy life – knowing that we have done our share to make the Earth a better place to live.

april 1, 2020 / / Home

When you click on a painting, a special number comes up. Write to me if you want more information on a specific painting; size, price, etc. New paintings; oil on…

januar 7, 2020 / / Commision

🇬🇧 My paintings in Skæring Church, Denmark.  Shown in 2019. An experiment to see how a chuchroom without art could transform when art is a central part of the church…