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februar 1, 2019 / / News
november 2, 2018 / / Climate Art

Project RED SNOW – ICE IN MOTION / RED SNOW – WHEN THE CLIMATE BLEEDS. A project with art and science, initiated and lead by artist, curator, HD/A Bente Elisabeth…

oktober 16, 2018 / / Gallery

Flowers as a source of Joy. It is joyful to sense the beautiful colours, the fragrance, the delicate, tender substance of the flowers. It is inspiration and harmony. And a…

oktober 15, 2018 / / Gallery

Fascination of water. Corals. I find an endless inspiration from Nature; the four elements; Water, Air, Fire, Earth – and the fifth; Cosmos. The power of Nature, the movement of…

september 30, 2018 / / Uncategorized

My paintings in Skæring Church, Denmark. The architect of this church is Exner. Painting for her Majesty Queen Margrethe II.

januar 1, 2018 / / Uncategorized