Solo Art Exhibitions Selected/Ausgewählt/Udvalg😃

2019 1.-11. of August. Elverum kirke. Festspillene
2019 Norway. Tromsoe. The Arctic Cathedral / Ishavskatedralen
2019 Denmark. Art Gallery Mols. Eastern exhibition. New paintings by Bente Elisabeth
2018-19 Norway. Tromsoe Cathedral.  Tromsoe International Church festival.
2018 Denmark. Ørsted kro & culture house. Nordic day; Art & Music.
2018 Denmark.  Skæring Church. “The Way of Love”
2018 Denmark. Ebeltoft. Vild med Vand/ Fascination of Water.
2018 Denmark. Art Gallery Mols. Fascination of water.
2017 Denmark. Art Gallery Mols. 10 years Jubilee at Mols. Nordic, Arctic, Cosmic Art.
2015 Belgium, Leuven. “Aurora. Northern Light.” Exhibition and concert with Scandinavian Art and Music.
2015, 2003 Denmark. Svinklov Sea side Hotel.
2013 Denmark. Concurrence- and Consumer Agency.
2013 Denmark. Art Gallery Mols. “Nordic landscapes and Creation Myths”.
2012 Denmark. Ebeltoft Congregation House.
2012 Denmark. In Agri Church – Cultural Night. Cello concerto, poems and paintings.
2012 Denmark. Paintings and storytelling in Agri Kirke.
2010 Denmark. Art Gallery by Design group Phoenix. Horsens
2010 Greenland. Greenlands Culture House Katuaq, Nuuk. “The 5 elements.”
2010 Iceland. Nordic House, Reykjavik.. “Fire, earth, water, air – and cosmos!”
2010 Denmark.  Frederikshavn Art museum.
2009 Denmark. Gallery by the Church. Aarhus.
2009 Iceland. Gallery at Ecovillage Solheimar near Thingvellir.
2009 Denmark. Ulstrup Castle.  “Joy of Living.”
2009 Norway. Elverum Church Festival. “Myths and Paintings.”
2009 Denmark. Bregnet Congregation House, Roende. “The Creation”
2008 Norway. The Cathedral of Tromsø. Tromsoe International Church festival.
2008 Norway, Art Gallery Emilie. “Nordic nature impressions”
2007 Denmark. Gjellerup Church, Aarhus.
2007 Norway. Art Gallery Apothecia. Lofoten. Norway. “Nordic landscapes”
2006 Norway. Art Gallery Nord-Norge, Harstad. “Sunstroke in the dark”
2005 Norway. The Floating Art Gallery, Hurtigruten. Finnmarken.
2004 Norway. Art Gallery Emilie, Norway. “Colorful memories”
2003 Norway. Art Gallery Krane, Tromsoe. “Returning home”.
2003 Denmark. Art Gallery Vosnaesgaard. “A song for life”
2003 Denmark. Art Gallery Munken.
2002-09 Denmark. Art Circles; SAS, Maersk, Frederiksberg Hospital, Aarhus University hospital, Psych Hospital Aarhus, Gl. Estrup, Force Technology, BDO Scan revision, Datagraf, Vejle, Viborg, Skive, Randers Hospital, Aarhus Business School.
2001 Denmark. Odder Museum. “Nature in us”

Group Art Exhibitions Selected/Ausgewählt/Udvalg

2016 Denmark. Climate Art. Rebild Centre.

2016 Faroe Iceland. Nordic House, Thorshavn. RED SNOW – ICE IN MOTION. Art and Science in dialog about climate change. Curator: Bente Elisabeth Endresen. See RedSnowArt
2015 Iceland.  Nordic House, Reykjavik.. RED SNOW – When the Climate Bleeds. Art and Science in dialog about climate change.  Curator: Bente Elisabeth Endresen.
2015 Art Trail. Open ateliers at Djursland. Bente Elisabeth together with
2015 Denmark. Nordatlantens Brygge, Copenhagen.  RED SNOW – ICE IN MOTION. Art and Science in dialog about climate change.  Curator: Bente Elisabeth Endresen.
2014 Greenland, Greenlands Culture House Katuaq, Nuuk. RED SNOW – ICE IN MOTION. Art and science in dialog about climate change.Curator: Bente Elisabeth Endresen.
2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 Denmark. Art Tracks. Open ateliers at Djursland
2014 Island. CON-TEXT2013 exhibits ARTIST BOOKS, TEMA: hem : HJEM : koti : heim : heima : angerlarsimaffik. at Nordatlantens Brygge.
2014 Island. CON-TEXT2013 exhibits ARTIST BOOKS, Theme: Home. Nordic House, Reykjavik.
2013 Greenland. CON-TEXT2013; ARTIST BOOKS, Theme: Home. Cultural House Katuaq.
2013 Denmark. Nordic ARTIST BOOKS, Theme: HOME.   Art Centre Silkeborg Bad.
2011 Norway. Art Gallery His, Arendal.
2011 Norway. Art Gallery Bi-Z, Kristiansand. Christmas exhibition and permanent exhibition.
2011 Denmark. Art project: Myths in sound and paintings.
2010 Norway. Harstad Art Circle.  75 years jubilee – “Art we own”
2010 Denmark. Fussing Slot. Eastern exhibition.
2009 Norway. Art Gallery Bi-Z, Kristiansand. Summer exhibition.
2006 Norway. Art Gallery sg, Trondheim.
2006 Norway. Art Gallery Sjoegata, Bodo.
2006 Denmark. Ebeltoft Art Circle. Theme: Flowers
2006 Denmark. Landscape of Djursland by 7 Art exhibition circles
2006 Denmark. Fuglsoecentret, Eastern Art Exhibition
2005 Denmark. Roende House of Culture, Inauguration
2005 Denmark. Music hall Aarhus. The Spanish Embassy. “Don Quixote 400 year’s anniversary”.
2005 USA, Washington DC. Touchstone Art Gallery.
2005 India, Chennai. Palazzo Art Gallery.  “5 Women”
2004 Denmark.  Art Centre Silkeborg Bad.  “The Creation. New Art to the seven days.”
2004 USA, New York. Avenue Art Gallery. “Scandinavian dreams”. Paintings in the permanent selection.
2003 Norway. Art Gallery Bi-Z, Kristiansand. Paintings in the permanent selection.
2001 Denmark. Music Hall, Aarhus. 13 Individualists

Commissions Selected/Ausgewählt/Udvalg

Denmark. Roende College
Denmark Students Café Kernen.
Denmark. Eastern: Resurrection. Syddjurs Deanery.
Denmark. Rosenholm Medical Centre.
Denmark 2009. “Roses of Joy” to Her Majesty the Queen Margrethe of Denmark.
Denmark. Painting as a price given by Favrskov Municipality, 2009.
Denmark. Djursland Farmers’ association, Foelle. Paintings.
Norway. Elverum Church. Nordic light over landscape.
Norway 2008. The Cathedral of Tromsoe. Triptycon: “The Creation”
Denmark. Hospice Djursland. The Library. Meeting room.
Denmark. Junckers Wood industry, Koege.
Denmark. New Home, Ronde.
Denmark. Hornslet Printing House.
Denmark. Law & advice, Roende.
Denmark. Roende Gymnasium
Denmark. Roende Library
Greenland. SAS Lounge Kangerlussuaq.

Articles and paintings in publications Selected/Ausgewählt/Udvalg2009 Denmark. Aarhus Stifttidende. “My spot in the Nationalpark Mols”.
2009 Denmark. P4. Cultural news. Yaac. Art club for young people
2009 Denmark. Art Tracks; Book: Art guide around the National park Mols.
2009 Norway. NKR TV from Tromsoe Cathedral.
2009 Denmark. Church magazine Thorsager – Bregnet – Feldballe.
2008 Denmark. Knebel Church magazine. Nov*Dec*Jan. Sep*Oct*Nov.
2008 Denmark. Peters corner at Radio Roende; Interviewing Bente Elisabeth and Per.
2008 Denmark. Interview in Cultural News on DR – P1 og P2
2008 Denmark. Knebel Church magazine. June*July*August.
2008 Denmark. Ebeltoft Church magazine, front page
2008 Denmark. Art in Schools 01/08 Article. VISVA.
2008 Denmark. Hornslet Printing House. 100 Years jubilee. Poster
2008 Denmark. Knebel Church magazine. Marts*April*May.
2007 Denmark. Roende Senior High School. Yearbook.
2007 Denmark. Art to Schools. Article, VISVA
2003 Denmark. Academic News (AC) no. 2, 2003
2005 Denmark. Portrait, Aarhus Wednesday
2003 Denmark. FrontPage Mostrup, Roende
2002 Denmark. Management Today no. 52
2002 Denmark. Civil Economist. Portrait
Art Grants
Syddjurs Kommunes Kulturpulje; “Fascination of Water”.
Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Fund, Greenland Government, Sermerq Fund, Nuna fund, Royal Arctic Line; grants to the project RED SNOW – ICE IN MOTION.
NAPA. Nordic Institute i Greenland.
Yaac. Youth active art club. Supported by LAG Djursland, EU and Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark.

Artist in residence: The Danish Cultural Institute in Damascus.  Global Arts Village, India.  Foundation Valparaiso, Spain.

Study toursNew York, Washington, California, Roma, Ravenna, Venedig, Berlin, London, Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, India, Iran, Dubai, Syria, Spitzbergen, Norway, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Spain.
Education and more.

Member of DBF – Danish Artists Association.

Curator of international art- and science projects working with Climate Change.

Leader of Yaac, Denmark. Art club for young people by Bente Elisabeth                                      Guest teacher at Art School Nuuk, Greenland
Academy of Fine Arts. Aarhus. Painting
School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University. Diploma in economy.
Academy of Fine Arts. Aarhus. Graphic arts.
VIA University College. Teacher in art and music

After working in tourism internationally, Bente Elisabeth is frequently a tour leader. It be on Art Tours by AROS Art Museum Aarhus, or to the Arctic: Northern Norway, Spitsbergen, Greenland. And to Asien and the Middle East; India, Iran by “Viktors Farmor”